Stable Release: iPad Pro Device Support & VS Hang Hotfix

We are releasing new versions of our IDEs to the Stable channel today to provide device support for the iPad Pro. In addition, the Xamarin.VS build also includes a fix to address a hang that customers have been reporting after the Cycle 6 feature release.

Please use the below forum threads to report and monitor issues that may occur, and find any potential workarounds that may exist.

Known Issues

  • [Xcode 7.1] Xcode 7.1 does not support iPad Pro icon sizes. Xcode 7.2 (beta) is required for iPad Pro icons to work as expected. This is an unusual situation. Because Xcode 7.2 is still in beta, this Xamarin Stable hotfix is is not fully tested against Xcode 7.2 or iOS 9.2.
  • [Xcode 7.1 and 7.2] Neither Xcode 7.1 nor Xcode 7.2 supports deploying iPad Pro launch image sizes (“… no longer support launch images and will not be adding the iPad pro launch image size to asset catalogs”, Launch graphics for the iPad Pro must be provided as storyboards or XIBs.
  • [Xamarin Studio] The asset editor for the iPad Pro launch images has no effect on the launch graphics displayed during app startup on simulator or device. This is an upstream issue due to a decision by Apple (see the preceding note about launch images in Xcode). The asset editor for these launch images is currently present in Xamarin Studio, but it will be removed in a future release unless Apple adds this functionality.
  • [Xamarin Studio] When using Xcode 7.2 beta you might see “Error MT0074: The maximum deployment target for iOS is 9.1 (current deployment target is 9.2). Please select an older deployment target in your project’s Info.plist.”
    • Workaround: adjustInfo.plist to set the deployment target to iOS 9.1 or lower. This error is a side effect of the fact that Xcode 7.2 itself is in beta (so the Xamarin Stable channel is not yet intended to have full compatibility).
  • [Xamarin.VS] iPad Pro devices are not displayed in the devices drop-down menu when the current StartUp Project is an “iPhone/iPod” project. This will be corrected in a future release.
  • [Xamarin.VS] In some environments the asset catalog editor might not display the “167.0×167.0” “iPad Pro App” entry as expected. This issue is under investigation. Temporary workaround: add the image to the .appiconset folder by hand (this directory is located in the Resources directory of the project, visible in Explorer), then replace “iPadProIcon.png” in the following snippet with the name of the file you added to the .appiconset folder, and then paste the snippet into theimages array in the text of the Contents.json file.
  "filename": "iPadProIcon.png",
  "size": "83.5x83.5",
  "scale": "2x",
  "idiom": "ipad"

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