Stable Release: Cycle 6 Service Release 1

We are releasing our next Service Release to Cycle 6 to the Stable channel. This is a much bigger service release, and should address a vast majority of the issues we’ve seen reported by the community after the release of Cycle 6. The issues noted below as addressed are not the only ones fixed with this release, so make sure to check out the product release notes to see all the fixes provided with this preview.

Please use the below forum threads to report and monitor issues that may occur, and find any potential workarounds that may exist.

Known Issues

  • [Xamarin.VS] – Renaming UI for Asset Catalogs (AppIcon, LaunchImages, Images, Data, SpriteAlias) is not appearing correctly.
    • Workaround: You can still rename these items using the “Name” entry in the Properties window (“View -> Properties Windows”).
  • [Xamarin.iOS]38206 – Certain iOS app projects fail to copy resources to the application bundle, resulting in errors similar to “Could not find a storyboard named ‘Main’ in bundle NSBundle”. Now hotfixed in Xamarin.iOS
  • [Xamarin.VS] – 38240 – Breakpoints in library projects fail to pause the debugger if the Visual Studio UI is set to a language other than English. Now hotfixed in Xamarin.VS
  • [Xamarin.VS] – 38401 – “The “PackLibraryResources” task failed unexpectedly.” when an iOS library project contains any bundle resources in the root folder other than images. Now hotfixed in Xamarin.VS
  • [Xamarin.VS]38433 – The Info.plist editor does not display any of its tabs (“iPhone Icons”, “Entitlements”, etc.) if it is opened in window that is too narrow. Now hotfixed in Xamarin.VS

Products Released

  • Xamarin Studio
    • Release Notes
    • Forum Thread – Stable Release: Xamarin 4, Cycle 6 – Service Release 1
    • Key Issues Addressed:
      • 32494 – Fixed an issue where Xamarin Studio would always compile using C# 5, leading to various errors (often syntax errors) if the project included C# 6 features.
      • 35977 – Fixed an issue where Japanese characters could not be typed into the text editor.
      • 34250 – Fixed an issue where all of the menu items would become disabled after certain project operations.
  • Xamarin for Visual Studio
    • Release Notes
    • Forum Thread – Stable Release: Xamarin 4, Cycle 6 – Service Release 1
    • Key Issues Addressed:
      • Fixed the “iOS IPA -> Include Artwork in IPA” checkbox in the project properties so that it correctly saves changes to the value.
      • Added a candidate fix for an issue where breakpoints in class libraries were not being resolved (non-public Bug 35691).
      • 36117 – Fixed an issue where certain distribution identities and provisioning profiles did not appear in the iOS project settings.
      • Fixed an issue with WatchKit applications in Notification mode failing with “System.ArguementOutOfRangeException”.
  • Xamarin.iOS
    • Release Notes
    • Forum Thread – Stable Release: Xamarin 4, Cycle 6 – Service Release 1
    • Key Issues Addressed:
      • 35786 – Fixed an issue where the iOS build process could run out of file descriptors when building large projects, leading to errors such as “error : Could not strip assembly”.
      • 30698 – Fixed an issue with certain 32-bit floating point operations causing crashes on 32-bit devices.
      • 36238 – Fixed an issue with True/False status of the “iOS IPA -> Include Artwork in IPA” not showing the correct value unless the text of the .csproj file explicitly included the “IpaIncludeArtwork” property.

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha – December 8th, 2015

Alpha (w/ iOS 9.2 & Xcode 7.2 support) – December 10th, 2015

Alpha 2 – December 18th, 2015

Alpha 3 – January 18th, 2016

Beta – January 21st, 2016

Stable – This release!