Stable Release: 15.1

We are releasing the Stable build of our next major release, called 15.1 to the Alpha, Beta, and Stable channels.  The 15.1 release name follows the Microsoft VS release naming convention.

This release is now available in the Xamarin updater channels and as part of the April 5th update for Visual Studio 2017.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Known Issues

There are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found. Additional bug reports are still welcome for this stable version. If you see any suspicious behavior that you wish to report, please file a quick bug.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

  • [Xamarin.VS]54465 – Object reference not set to an instance of an object when building Master Detail Forms Shared iOS project template.
    • The current workaround is to rebuild the solution again. Please stay tuned for resolution details.
  • [Xamarin Studio]53906 – Fastlane showing nothing from Apple subscriptions and not updating.
    • The team details dialog is empty. In certain scenarios signing identities and provisioning profiles are not displayed, even if they are installed and valid on the users machine. We will continue working on this issue, and expect to publish a fix into the Xamarin Alpha, Beta and Stable channels soon.

Products Released


You can get this latest version by checking for updates on the Stable updater channel and in Visual Studio 2017 by installing Visual Studio 2017 15.1 (26403.00).

Previous Versions

  • For Mac the previous versions are: Xamarin Studio, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android 7.2.0-7, and Xamarin Profiler 1.2.1.
  • For Windows the previous versions are: Xamarin.VisualStudio, Visual Studio 2017 15.0, Xamarin Studio, and Xamarin Profiler 1.2.1.

Previous Xamarin versions can be found on the Xamarin account page as described in the article about older Xamarin versions. Previous versions of the Xamarin Profiler can be found in the Xamarin Profiler release notes. Previous versions of Visual Studio 2017 can be found on as described in the article about older Visual Studio versions.

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha 1 – March 1st 2017

Alpha 2 – March 7th 2017

Beta 1 – March 16th 2017

Beta 2 – March 27th 2017

Stable – This Release!