Service Release: Xamarin.Forms

We’ve pushed Xamarin.Forms to NuGet.

Important notes

  • Behavior Change (iOS): ViewDidDisappear may not be reliably called in custom renderers. Please be sure to override Dispose to do any object cleanup that you may be doing in ViewDidDisappear to prevent any possible memory leaks in your custom renderers. (53351)
  • Behavior Change (UWP): Desktop is now a supported Idiom, so your UWP apps will return this value on desktop contexts. Please be aware that Phone will still be returned in continuum scenarios.
  • Behavior Change: Merged ResourceDictionaries will now return a Count that is consistent with the content in the enumeration instead of the total Count of Resources.
  • Breaking Change: Attached Properties are now compiled when XamlC is enabled! If you have XamlC enabled, you must implement a public getter/setter for all attached properties to prevent a compile time error.

  • [2.3.4][Android] OnResume assumed that _application had been set (PR)
  • [Xaml][2.3.4] Do not emit implict_op if from/to are same type (PR)
  • [C][2.3.4] Lookup in RD also lookup in merged RDs (PR)
  • 54334 – “Styles will override properties on UI-Elements when changing resource dictionaries” (PR)

For additional details see the release notes for

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