Release: 15.5.2 Servicing Release

We are publishing a servicing release for our current major release called 15.5.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

Bug reports are welcome. If you see any new issue with these versions, please file a report.

Products Released

Included Fixes

This release focuses on a few issues from the Xamarin 15.5 release:

  • Developer Community 155693 [Xamarin.Android] – “error while writing anim: obj\Debug\android\bin\classes\android\support\design\R$anim.class (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)” build error due to locked file when attempting to build.
  • Developer Community 160124 [Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin] (fix for certain scenarios) – “The ‘MonoAndroidDesignerPackage’ package did not load correctly” Visual Studio extension initialization error dialog when attempting to use the Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin. The fix in this release addresses scenarios where the problem occurred when the designer extension was being loaded before other Xamarin extensions.
  • [Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin] – The new Android SDK Manager shows a blank location although the Android SDK is installed.
  • [Visual Studio 2017 installer with the Xamarin workload] – “Android SDK setup (API level 25)” and “Google Android Emulator (API Level 25)” components get uninstalled in certain update scenarios due to a switch from being marked as required to optional. The components have been set back to required for now.
  • [Visual Studio for Mac Tools for Xamarin] – Xamarin.Forms F# template project references an earlier version of the Xamarin.Forms package.


Previous Versions

Using the latest versions is recommended. The previous versions of the Xamarin packages from the Xamarin 15.5.1 release are listed below for reference.

  • For Mac the previous versions are:
    • Visual Studio for Mac
    • Xamarin.Android