Preview: Xcode 9.3 beta 2, iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4 Support – Preview 1

Today we are releasing the following builds as Xcode 9.3 Web Preview 1. These versions include preview Xamarin SDK bindings and preview IDE compatibility for Apple’s Xcode 9.3 beta 2 release.

Note that this is a standalone download link that is not yet published in the Visual Studio for Mac updater channels. As a result, Visual Studio for Mac will offer an “update” back to the current published updater channel versions when you have this version installed. You will need to disregard that notification if you wish to keep using this Xcode 9.3 support preview. The Xcode 9.3 features will be added to the updater channels in the future, after Apple publishes the first non-preview version of Xcode 9.3 to the App Store.

Any bug reports about these preview Xamarin bindings are much appreciated!

Products Released

Installing on Mac

  1. Ensure you are up-to-date with the current Visual Studio for Mac Stable updater channel versions.
  2. Ensure you have the Xcode 9.3 beta 2 version installed from Apple. You can optionally install this beta version alongside your non-beta Xcode.
  3. Download the Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac installer .pkg file and run it.

Uninstall steps

Navigate to Visual Studio > Check for Updates, and install the current Xamarin.iOS version from the Stable updater channel.