Preview: Xamarin Profiler 0.23

Xamarin Profiler preview 0.23 is now available for download! There have been a number of fixes since our previous preview, which have been noted below.

Please note that the Mac app bundle has been renamed (from to “Xamarin”), so the old version needs to be removed before installing this new update, so that Xamarin Studio prompts the user for the new location.

Issues Addressed

  • 33816 – Extended detail pan should now properly become greyed out in drill-down mode for the Call-Tree view.
  • 32405 – Cleaned up most instances of unknown classes showing in the ‘Summary’ and ‘Allocations List’ views.
  • 34390 – Graphs should now be properly selectable when running the profiler.
  • 33974 – Labels for .mlpd files should now correctly show when opening them.

Products Released

As with all our preview releases, this is not a product we officially support. If you encounter any issues, we recommend filing a bug in Bugzilla. You can also jump into the discussions on the forum thread posted below.