Preview: Xamarin Profiler 0.17

Xamarin Profiler preview 0.17 is now available for download! There have been a number of fixes since our previous preview, which have been noted below.

Please note that the Mac app bundle has been renamed (from to “Xamarin”), so the old version needs to be removed before installing this new update, so that Xamarin Studio prompts the user for the new location.

Issues Addressed

  • 30948 – Fixed an issue where the Profiler would sometimes crash on startup.
  • 30036 – Fixed an issue where Xamarin.Mac apps would not correctly close when the Stop button was used in the Profiler.
  • 30225 – Console output not displays correctly for Xamarin.Mac apps.
  • 30683 – Snapshot data now correctly resets.
  • 31096 – Memory profiler now tracks total allocations.
  • 28846 – Fixed an issue where Xamarin.Android apps would sometimes throw an error and then fail to generate data and charts.
  • 27479 – Fixed an issue with Profiler showing “Unknown” nodes in the call tree.
  • 27944 – Fixed an issue with Profiler not generating data properly for the Allocations and Time Profiler instruments.
  • 29743 – Instrument selection dialog is now properly closing.
  • 30283 – Taking snapshots should no longer cause the Profiler to crash with an out of memory exception.
  • 29386 – Functionality of right panel now works correctly.
  • 28411 – When selecting any instrument, the focus should now move to that instrument along with it’s graph/chart.
  • 30585 – Expand/collapse icon is not working properly for right-side panel.
  • 31125 – Allocation List and Snapshot view should now default to sorting by time.
  • 30671 – Users should now be able to properly save profiler sessions.

Products Released

As with all our preview releases, this is not a product we officially support. If you encounter any issues, we recommend filing a bug in Bugzilla. You can also jump into the discussions on the forum thread posted below.