Preview: Xamarin Inspector

We are releasing our first preview of a brand new tool, the Xamarin Inspector for iOS, Android, Mac, and WPF applications. Xamarin Inspector is an interactive tool that you can use to diagnose and prototype changes in your application. The inspector can attach to a live application on any of the supported platforms. Read more about this new tool on our main blog.

The Xamarin Inspector is available on both Windows with Visual Studio and on Mac OS X with Xamarin Studio. To use the Inspector, you’ll need to use our Release Candidate. Once you have the RC installed, you can download the Inspector from the links below, or from the supporting documentation page.

This is an early preview of the Xamarin Inspector, and we need your feedback to improve it and make it as awesome as possible. You can help out in this effort by reporting any issues you experience while using the Xamarin Inspector preview.

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