Preview: WatchOS 2.0

We are releasing our first preview with support for Apple’s watchOS 2.0 with new iOS 9 packaging features such as app thinning, on-demand resources, and data asset catalogs.

Note that this preview is not necessary to use new iOS 9 APIs. Those API updates are included in Xamarin.iOS 8.13, which is currently available from the Xamarin alpha channel.

This is an early preview and is still in active development. Not all features are complete and it has not been tested to the same level as our other releases. Nonetheless, if you find any problems that are not listed in the known issues please report them in Bugzilla!

Known Issues 

  • WatchOS 2 apps fail to compile for device. Only simulator is supported in this preview.
  • Debugging watchOS 2 apps is not yet supported.
  • On-demand resources do not load during local development.
  • The Publishing Wizard does not support app thinning.
  • The on-demand resource tags field in the property grid is not updated when the build action is changed.
  • There is no way to set Initial Install and Prefetch resource tags.
  • The UI design for Data Sets in Asset Catalogs is not finalized.
  • If you choose to add a ComplicationController from the project wizard, it will not compile unless you implement its abstract members.
  • iOS projects show an incorrect “incompatible framework” error for the WatchKit app.
  • The iOS Project Options panel for WatchKit app extensions shows several invalid options.
  • The UI incorrectly allows adding source code and assembly references to WatchKit apps. Code must be in the WatchKit extension.

Products Released