Preview: iOS Simulator (For Windows)

We are releasing our second preview of the iOS Simulator for Xamarin.VS. The remoted iOS Simulator provides you with a way to test and debug iOS apps on the simulator entirely from Visual Studio on Windows.

Known Issues

  • Non-public Bug 41626: “Failed to install …” when attempting to launch Xamarin.Forms project.
    • Partial workaround Launch the app on the regular (non-remoted) Apple Simulator first.
  • Non-public Bug 41620: “The device … was not found” if Xcode path setting is blank (it is blank by default).
    • Workaround – Set the Xcode path explicitly under Tools > Options > Xamarin > iOS Settings > Xcode path.

Products Released

  • iOS Simulator (for Windows) [Win VS Download]
    • Release Notes
    • New Features:
      • Support for stylus translating to pencil input has been added
      • A dialog is shown when sim starts and include an update status
      • Fixed an issue preventing the simulator from starting using usernames with spaces in them