Preview: iOS Simulator (For Windows) update 4

We are releasing our fourth preview of the iOS Simulator for Xamarin.VS. The remoted iOS Simulator provides you with a way to test and debug iOS apps on the simulator entirely from Visual Studio on Windows.

Known Issues

  • Non-public Bug 44264: Simulator does not launch when mac host is macOS Sierra.

Products Released

  • iOS Simulator (for Windows) [Win VS Download]
    • Release Notes
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 42719 – Apps not installing on a few ios simulators with Xcode
      • 41620 – Xcode Path no longer takes “blank” to use default Xcode
      • Fixes a display issue going from <100% scale directly to >100% scale
    • New Features:
      • Support for Xcode 8
      • Support for “Reset Content” in settings (resetting all user content on the simulator)