Preview: Android N Support Preview 2

We are releasing our second preview with support and bindings for Google’s Android N SDK. Be sure to visit the Android N page and read about all the new features N support provides. If you are looking to get started right away, make sure to check out the new Android N samples and join in on the forum discussions.

Please note that depending on which platform you are targeting, you will need to download certain products for this preview to work:

  • If you are using Visual Studio, you will only need to download the Xamarin.VS linked below.
  • If you are using Xamarin Studio on a Mac machine, you will need to download the Xamarin Studio, Xamarin Android, and Mono Framework linked below.
  • If you are using Xamarin Studio on a Windows machine, you will to download the Xamarin Studio, Xamarin.VS, and GTK Installer linked below.

There is no target stable date for N support at this time, as we have to wait until Google finalizes and publishes their support before we can release ours. That being said, we will do additional N preview releases between now and the final Google release, so be sure to check back and see if newer versions become available in the coming months.

As with all our preview releases, this is not a product we officially support. If you encounter any issues, we recommend filing a bug in Bugzilla. You can also jump into the discussions on the forum thread posted below.

Known Issues 

  • [Xamarin.Studio / Xamarin.VS] – The Xamarin.Android Designer does not support rendering of the new API level (N).
  • 31002 – [Xamarin.Studio / Xamarin.VS] – Users will have to manually make sure their minimum SDK version is set to v6.0 (23) or lower, instead of v6.0.99 (24), in order to deploy to N devices and emulators.
  • 40156 – [Xamarin Android] Projects which utilize Support.v7.AppCompat may no longer compile on Windows when using the preview build tools (24 rc2). This can be worked around by using the latest stable version of build tools instead (23.0.3).

Products Released

  • Xamarin for Visual Studio [Download]