Preview 6 – Visual Studio for Mac

We are releasing our sixth preview of Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio for Mac is an evolution of Xamarin Studio, and includes all the functionality of Xamarin Studio 6.3.

If you already have VS for Mac installed, this update will appear in any of the updater channels within the IDE. If you do not yet have a VS for Mac Preview, you can download this newer one here. Future updates will then be available to you through the VS for Mac “Check for Updates” menu option.

Please note that the VS for Mac IDE has its own set of updater channels, separate from Xamarin Studio and Xamarin.VS. As of Preview 6 and for all future Preview releases of VS for Mac, only an Alpha channel will appear. That channel provides the latest preview updates as they become available. When VS for Mac moves out of preview status, the available updater channels will be adjusted accordingly. It should be noted that since VS for Mac is still in preview, it is not yet a fully supported product.

Visual Studio for Mac can be installed side-by-side with Xamarin Studio.

Known Issues

    • 54993 – “The root assembly … conflicts with another assembly” build error will appear for Xamarin.iOS projects in Xamarin for Visual Studio 4.4.0 on Windows due to the incompatible Xamarin.iOS 10.10.0 Alpha version that is installed on the Mac by the latest Visual Studio for Mac Preview.
      • Please see the bug report for a few different options for how to resolve this issue.

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