Beta Release: iOS 9.1 / Xcode 7.1 Support & El Capitan Fixes

We are releasing new Beta builds to both address some issues with OSX El Capitan compatibility in the Stable channel, and also support the final iOS 9.1 API that Apple released yesterday as part of Xcode 7.1. Please note this release only supports the iOS 9.1 API, and does not include watchOS2 or tvOS support. Those will come at a later date.

As this is a Beta, there may still be issues present, and others we may find as time goes on. Please use the below forum threads to report and monitor issues that may occur, and find any potential workarounds that may exist.

Known Issues

  • [Xamarin.iOS] – WatchKit apps will fail to build when using Xcode 6.x

Products Released

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha – N/A

Beta – Today!

Stable – Late October, 2015