Beta Release: Cycle 8 Service Release 1

We are releasing a Beta preview of our next release, called Service Release 1. This should address some of the issues reported after the release of Cycle 8.

 As this is a Beta build, there are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found during testing.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

If you see a behavior that looks suspicious in these versions, and if it isn’t clear whether one of the known issues in the release notes matches the problem, please file a quick bug report to let the team know.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Known Issues

  • [Xamarin for Visual Studio], [Xamarin Studio] – Upcoming compatibility feature, tracked in 44330 – “This version does not have support for files saved in Xcode 8 format” appears when attempting to edit a file with the Xamarin iOS designer after having edited the file with Xcode 8. Xcode 8 introduced a new, non-backwards-compatible XML format for Interface Builder documents that is not yet supported in Xamarin’s iOS designer. As it turns out, the beta version of Xcode 8.1 from Apple has in fact backed out of several of those format changes. Candidate fixes are now under test for Xamarin’s iOS designer to cover the remaining format changes as present in Xcode 8.1.
  • [Xamarin.Android]44193 “Consider app.config remapping of assembly “System.Runtime…” from Version “”” and similar warnings when building Xamarin.Android apps.
    • Candidate workaround: Create a new .xml file named app.config at the root level of the Xamarin.Android app project, and then paste in the binding redirect as listed in Bug 44193, Comment 18.
  • [Xamarin Studio]43188 – Sporadic “Out of memory” error during build leaves solution in an unbuildable state until the project is reloaded.
    • Improved in this release: Cycle 8 Service Release 1 includes some fixes that should hopefully eliminate the need to reload the project in this scenario. Additional fixes for the “Out of memory” error itself are also planned.
  • [Xamarin for Visual Studio]45719 – The Xamarin.VisualStudio .msi installer has increased in size by roughly 50% due to code signing changes that broke some of the de-duplication techniques used in the installer. The corresponding on-disk installation size has increased by roughly 18%.
  • [Xamarin for Visual Studio], [Xamarin Studio]43566 – In a few remaining scenarios, the iOS Designer initialization process might still cause a running iOS 10 simulator to become non-responsive. The designer initialization happens when opening an iOS project in Xamarin Studio and during the connection to the remote Mac in Visual Studio. This issue does not affect Xcode 7.3, iOS 9.3 (and lower) simulators.
    • Workaround: Quit and restart the simulator after the designer has initialized. You can then proceed to use the simulator again as normal.

Products Released

  • Xamarin Studio
  • Release Notes
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 45535 – User is not seeing iOS Simulator in Xamarin Studio
      • 43675 – New “run configurations” menu means we can’t see which emulator is selected
      • 45358 – User is not seeing iOS Simulator in Xamarin Studio when using Xcode 8.1 beta
      • 42779 – Random crash caused by LogViewProgressMonitor
      • 44537 – XS 6.x branches are not reading XML documentation from 3rd party libraries
      • 44378 – Mac Migration Tool Not Working
      • 44285 – Xcode 8 quits after Xamarin Studio returns to the foreground when using Xcode 8 via Open With > Xcode Interface Builder.
      • 44144 – Cannot open axml files using Layout Editor
      • 40314 – “Reopen Closed Tab” option does not work on Assembly Browser tabs
      • 38791 – Update default product templates to benefit from C#6
      • 15222 – Open With doesn’t work when file is open in another editor
      • 34994 – Dialogs do not highlight default [“Return”] button on Mac
  • Xamarin.VS
  • Release Notes
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 44997 – Android Designer shows progress indicator indefinitely
      • 44468 – Can’t save 120×120 App Icons in Info.plist editor
      • 45122 – Import Existing Keystore fails with Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
      • 44567 –  “Launch failed. The app ‘app’ could not be launched on ‘iPhone’: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when attempting to deploy to certain iOS devices in certain environments.
      • 44958 – No Available Devices are Listed After Changing Start Up Project via the Run button
      • 43316 – Native References in iOS Binding projects do not build in VS
      • 45249 – “Could not install package ‘Xamarin.Forms’. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets ‘Unsupported,Version=v0.0′” when adding a new XAML page to a Forms Shared Project
      • 44432 – Entitlements view doesn’t save changes made in designer nor loads data from plist
      • 43948 – Android Designer shows progress indicator indefinitely
      • 44284 – User is not getting option ‘Top Shelf Image Wide’ under Assets catalogs for tvOS template in VS.
      • 38570 – “The project requires user input. Reload the project for more information” error prevents loading a newly created F# Blank App (Android) tempate app
      • 44394 – The error message shown in the Output window when attempting to use a 7.x device with Xcode 8 does not include the compatibility error returned by Xcode.
      • 44273 – “An error occurred trying to load the page.” appears in the “Project Properties > iOS Build” tab when not connected to a Mac
      • 45333 – [Android Archive Manager and Publishing Workflow Enhancements] Differentiator between Alias, Wizard Path, Key Details, Keystore Path
  • Xamarin.iOS
  • Release Notes
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 44701 – “Could not link assemblies” due to NullReferenceException in certain scenarios during bindings optimization
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Release Notes 
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 44535 – “‘System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged’ is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly ‘System.ObjectModel” for projects that reference PCLs with `INotifyPropertyChanged`
      • 44633 – Enabling <AndroidUseSharedRuntime> in some projects causes `classes.dex` to not deploy to device
      • 34498 – AOT task fails if project path has a space in it
      • 43915 – Getting build error on Android F# app when using ‘Array.take’.
  • Mono Framework
  • Release Notes
    • Issues Addressed:
      • 39832 – SIGSEGV when running roslyn
      • 44349 – Mono.Data.Sqlite fails to store seconds in timestamp value to a table

Installing the Beta and switching back to Stable

You can install this new Beta version or switch back to the current Stable version by changing updater channels.

Upcoming Release Dates

Beta – This Release!

Stable – October 2016