UPDATED – Beta Release: Cycle 5 – Service Release 3

** UPDATE – The Xamairn.iOS build now also includes a fix for Watch Apps being rejected during app submission. **

We are releasing an updated preview of our next upcoming stable release, dubbed Cycle 5 – Service Release 3, to the Beta channel. These builds contain additional patches that were not included in the previous alphas.

This Beta release is almost ready for Stable, however we are waiting on a fix for one remaining issue, noted below. If you are encountering this issue and need to submit a Watch App immediately, we provided a download only build of Xamarin.iOS last week, based off our current Stable build to address this issue. This will be fixed for Cycle 5 Service Release 3 when it goes to Stable. 

Products Released

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha – July 17th, 2015.

Alpha 2 – July 23rd, 2015.

Beta – Today!

Stable – Early August