Beta Preview 4: Cycle 8

We are releasing the fourth Beta preview of our next major feature release, called Cycle 8. As this is a Beta build, there are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found during testing.

We anticipate this to be the final preview build before Cycle 8 goes to the Stable channel sometime next week.

The issues addressed below are only the highest severity ones, so please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this preview.

The Xamarin team is looking for as much user feedback as possible on these Cycle 8 Beta versions, especially for the iOS 10 and Xcode 8 features. If you see a behavior that looks suspicious in these versions, and if it isn’t clear whether one of the known issues in the release notes matches the problem, please file a quick bug report.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Known Issues 

  • [Xamarin Studio]43655 – Cannot open ‘API Documentation’ in XS on Mac.
  • [Xamarin for Visual Studio] – 40767: Collection View and Table View are rendered differently on the iOS designer and the actual simulator
  • [Xamarin.iOS] – 42443 –  ServicePointTest (System) tests crash on tvOS device
  • [Xamarin.Android]44114 – Cannot debug Android app on Android 4.4 device

Products Released

  • Xamarin Studio
    • Release Notes
    • Major Issues Addressed:
      • 42554 – Typing into the search box is corrupting memory and crashing XS
      • 43210 – User is not able to launch an activity by explicitly specifying which activity to launch for Android application in XS
      • 43187 – Quick build/run menu selector does not include run configurations
      • 43949 – Unable to set SDK and NDK path in XS
      • 43888 – Unable to open iOS designer in XS
      • 43678 – Unable to open ‘Create Layout Variation’ window on clicking ‘New Version’ button
      • 44036 – Cannot create new multiplatform projects
  • Xamarin.VS
    • Release Notes
    • Major Issues Addressed:
      • 43300 – Intermittent disconnection of VS from Build Host while working with iOS application.
      • 43037 – Unable to install XVS builds.
      • 43602 – “Device Log” window does not open in Visual Studio.
      • 43565 – Visual Studio often hangs (pauses, freezes) during `TastyConfig.DebugLaunch()` on second deployment attempt
      • 43650 – User is not getting simulator for Watckit OS1 application in VS dropdown
      • 43454 – User is not able to run Watch OS1 application with VS, application gets terminated
      • 44046 – Getting build error for iOS/tvOS template
      • 43976 – Can’t open WatchOS interface.storyboard in designer
      • 43884 – Unable to open iOS designer in VS
  • Xamarin.iOS
    • Release Notes
    • Major Issues Addressed:
      • 43373 – Unable to upload application to device due to an error “Could not load the framework ‘libswiftos.dylib’ (path: /Applications/” with Xcode8-beta6 update
      • 43837 – Unexpected Error MT0000 when building in Release configuration and targeting a device (not sim)
      • 40936 – iOS app crash when taking snapshots
  • Xamarin.Android
    • Release Notes
    • Major Issues Addressed:
      • 43268 – Android application crashes when launched on Android device, when running a project with a service in XS
      • 42646 – Error XA2006: Reference to metadata item ‘Android.Views.DecorCaptionShade’ when attempting to build codegen tests in release
      • 43487 – ‘System.DllNotFoundException: sqlite3’ thrown when trying to use sqlite with Cycle8
      • 42814 – Deploy to Android device fails when setting a breakpoint
  • Mono Framework
    • Release Notes
    • Major Issues Addressed:
      • 42864 –  “System.Net.WebException: Error: NameResolutionFailure” on second web request to certain raw IP addresses with HttpClient
      • 43305 – Standard Library dependency error on Xamarin Studio
      • 42408: WebClient.DownloadString returns 401 Unauthorized when using Basic authentication
      • 42938:  Compilation of netstandard PCL library with xbuild fails with… CSC: error CS0518: The predefined type …  is not defined or imported
      • 43636 – “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection” in `System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].set_Item()` when attempting to compile certain C# code involving tasks, async/await, and try/catch/finally
      • 33475 – Android app crash when taking snapshots

Installing the Beta and switching back to Stable

You can install this new Beta version or switch back to the current Stable version by changing updater channels.

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha – April 27th, 2016 (Evolve Conference)

Alpha 2 – July 13th, 2016

Alpha 3 – July 27th, 2016

Alpha 4 – Aug 2nd, 2016

Alpha 5– Aug 9th, 2016

Alpha 6 – Aug 12, 2016

Beta 1 – Aug 17th, 2016

Beta 2 – Aug 24th, 2016

Beta 3 – Aug 31st, 2016

Beta 4 – This Release!

Stable – Mid-September 2016