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Technical Bulletin: Updating Xamarin Visual Studio 2017 & Side-by-Side

With the release of Visual Studio 2017, there have been questions on whether Visual Studio 2015 can be installed on the same machine. It is currently possible to install the two side-by-side on the same machine successfully. Do note that at the moment, Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017 is one build behind the version for Visual Studio 2015.

Xamarin coordination with the upstream schedule has been evolving across the VS 2017 releases, and plans are underway to synchronize more tightly as soon as possible. Watch for additional news on that topic over the next week.

Update Channels and Visual Studio 2017:

Visual Studio 2017 does not support Xamarin Alpha, Beta, and Stable channels in the same way as earlier versions of Visual Studio (or Xamarin Studio), but a Release and Preview model instead. To install a Preview instance alongside a stable install, download and run the Visual Studio Preview installer, selecting the Preview option during the install process as shown below:


The Preview version of Visual Studio may include corresponding Preview versions of Xamarin functionality, including:

  • Forms
  • Xamarin Visual Studio Extension
  • Xamarin Profiler
  • Xamarin Workbooks/Inspector
  • Xamarin Remote iOS Simulator

More information is available in the Visual Studio 2017 Preview FAQ as well as in our documentation on updating.

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2017 Preview:

In the event that a preview version of Visual Studio 2017 needs to be uninstalled, the Visual Studio Installer can be used to accomplish this. Read the uninstalling Xamarin guide for more information.

⚠ Additional Considerations:

At the moment, uninstalling one of the side-by-side installations of Visual Studio 2017 will partially affect the Xamarin installation resulting in removal of the following dependencies from the target machine:

  • Xamarin Profiler
  • Xamarin Workbooks/Inspector
  • Xamarin Remote iOS Simulator
  • Apple Bonjour

This does not impact the remaining Visual Studio 2017 installation, but can have effects on building iOS solutions, profiling apps, and will completely remove Workbooks/Inspector and the Remote iOS Simulator.

To bring the remaining installation of Visual Studio 2017 back to its full feature set and restore the tools listed above and their functionality in the IDE, use the Visual Studio 2017 installer to repair the installation.