Alpha Preview: Xamarin.Mac Support on MacOS 10.12 Sierra

We are releasing a new preview of Xamarin.Mac that provides support for targeting MacOS 10.12 Sierra.  Note that you will need Xcode 8 installed and MacOS 10.11 running to support this build.

The issues addressed below are only the highest severity ones, so please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this preview.

The Xamarin team is looking for as much user feedback as possible on this build, so If you see a behavior that looks suspicious in this version, and if it isn’t clear whether one of the known issues in the release notes matches the problem, please file a quick bug report.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Products Released

Installing the Alpha and switching back to Stable

You can install this new Alpha version or switch back to the current Stable version by changing updater channels.

Upcoming Release Dates

Alpha – This Release!

Stable – Late 2016