Preview Release: 15.6 Preview 2

We are releasing a preview of our next major release, called 15.6. This release aligns with a new Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Preview and the Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6 Preview.

As this is a preview release, there are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found during testing. Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues.

Bug reports are welcome for any additional issues.

Products Released

  • Xamarin Remoted iOS Simulator


You can switch back to the non-preview versions at any time by launching your side-by-side non-preview installation of Visual Studio 2017 and switching to the Stable updater channel in Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Xamarin.

15.6 Release History

Preview 2 – This Release

Release: 15.5.3 Servicing Release

We are publishing a servicing release for our current major release called 15.5.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

Bug reports are welcome. If you see any new issue with these versions, please file a report.

Products Released

Included Fixes

This release focuses on a few issues from the Xamarin 15.5 release:

  • Bugzilla 60625 [Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac] – “Assertion at … local-propagation.c:562, condition `ins->opcode > MONO_CEE_LAST’ not met” in apps that use strings in fixed expressions if compiled with a recent version of Roslyn.
  • Bugzilla 60963 [Xamarin Profiler] – “Sorry, something went wrong trying to run … Runtime installed on device … is too old” when attempting to profile Android applications on API 26 (Oreo 8.0) (and newer) devices and emulators .
  • [Xamarin Profiler] – iOS apps get launched on both the Remoted iOS Simulator and the non-remoted simulator when the Remoted iOS Simulator setting is disabled.
  • [Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin] – Visual Studio crashes due to a UI exception in some scenarios when using the Xamarin.Android Archive Manager.
  • [Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin] – Update the project templates to the latest version of Xamarin.Forms.


Previous Versions

Using the latest versions is recommended. The previous versions of the Xamarin packages from the Xamarin 15.5.2 release are listed below for reference.

  • For Mac the previous versions are: