Pre-release: Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms is now on NuGet. To install the pre-release, check the pre-release option in your NuGet package manager and install this version.

If you have a bug to report, drop us a detailed report here so we can troubleshoot.

Important notes

  • Xamarin.Forms is now compatible with .NET Standard projects! Not all build features may work.
  • Behavior change: Device.RuntimePlatform now returns WinRT on WinRT and UWP on UWP.
  • Behavior change: Using the new AutomationProperties may impact UI Test execution on Android. AutomationId, Name, and HelpText will all set the native ContentDescription property, with Name and/or HelpText taking precedence over AutomationId (Name and HelpText will be concatenated). This means that any tests looking for AutomationId will now fail if Name and/or HelpText are also set on that element. To work around this issue, please alter your UI Tests to look for the value of Name/HelpText in this scenario.
  • Behavior change: Calling Focus on a Picker on WinRT/UWP will now open the drop down.
  • Deprecation: Android IVisualElementRenderer.ViewGroup is now obsolete. Please use View instead.

Known Issues

  • 56795 – “DataTriggers do not work on UWP in RELEASE mode”

  • [Android] Dispose check before setting properties on Button (PR)
  • 36031 – “Button border not drawn on Android without a BorderRadius” (PR)
  • 57717 – “Setting background color on Button in Android FormsApplicationActivity causes NRE” (PR)
  • 57749 – “[UWP] After enabling a disabled button it is not clickable” (PR)
  • [Android] Dispose check on FastButtonRenderer to prevent crash (PR)
  • [Android] Set the Id field for Android Views created by Forms (PR)
  • 55588 – “Cannot open more than one ContextAction in different ListViews on IOS” (PR)
  • 56444 – “A small ”dot“ shows up as value in Android labels when the value is null/empty.” (PR)
  • 56895 – “VS2017 stable – previewer exception crash- no method found Button_click on type” (PR)
  • 56896 – “ListViews for lists with many elements regressed in performance on iOS” (PR)
  • 57108 – “Fix possible crash on API 21+ at launch when using Holo theme and FormsApplicationActivity” (PR)

Nuget package here.

  • [All] Rename Accessibility -> AutomationProperties (PR)
  • [Core] fix BP declaring Types for A11y (PR)
  • [Android] Add disposed check on FastRenderers.FrameRenderer (PR)
  • [Android] Add disposed check on FastRenderers.LabelRenderer (PR)
  • [Android] Add disposed check on FastRenderers.VisualElementRenderer (PR)
  • 45602 – “NullPointerException when applying style” (PR)
  • 54717 – “System.NullReferenceException Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.PlatformConfigurationExtensions.OnThisPlatform[T] (T element)” (PR)
  • 55542 – “View in Master Content Page stops loading ListView in Detail” (PR)
  • 55559 – “Exception when set the backgroundcolor of the frame on a property change event” (PR)
  • 55636 – “OnPlatform doesn’t work on UWP when compiling with .NET Native” (PR)
  • 55745 – “[iOS] NRE in ListView with HasUnevenRows=true after changing content and rebinding” (PR)
  • 55912 – “Tap event not always propagated to containing Grid/StackLayout” (PR)
  • 56079 – “Accessibility Support doesn’t work in XAML” (PR)

Nuget package here.

  • [Evolution] – “[Xaml] OnPlatform.Default value” (PR)
  • [Android] Make OnElementPropertyChanged virtual on fast renderers (PR)
  • [Android] Verify FragmentContainer created when queueing fragment transaction (Android) (PR)
  • [iOS] Prevent NRE in ListView OnItemSelected (PR)
  • 51173 – “ImageRenderer, async void SetImage – Cannot catch exceptions” (PR)
  • 55027 – “Xaml compilation can’t handle folders in namespaces” (PR)
  • 55096 – “Binding with nested class does not working on XAML.” (PR)
  • 55230 – “setStateListAnimator TargetInvocationException Crash in” (PR)
  • 55347 – “Exception when using static resource Thickness in 2.3.5-pre1 with XamlC” (PR)
  • [Internal] README: add macOS to list of supported platforms (PR)
  • [Internal] Add netstandard group to nuspec (PR)

Nuget package here.

Enhancements & Other Changes

  • [Evolution] – MacOS (PR)
  • [Evolution] – Basic Accessibility Support (PR)
  • [Evolution] – “[Enhancement] Map renderer extensibility” (PR)
  • [All] Add pressed and released events to Button (PR)
  • [All] Move XF.ConcurrentDictionary to WP8 project (PR)
  • [All] Reduce overhead of pushing existing navigation stack (PR)
  • [Android] Added Section indexes when FastScrolled is enabled (PR)
  • [Android] Fast Renderers (PR)
  • [Android] Fix NRE when RecycleElement is on and list is scrolled quickly on Android (PR)
  • [Android] Fixed issue where Android Hints were causing a “.” to be placed on al… (PR)
  • [Android] Small performance fixes to ListViewRenderer, PlatformSpecific IsFastScrollEnabled (PR)
  • [Android] UI tests for InputTransparent and fixes for Android/Windows (PR)
  • [Core] Add default parameter value of zero to INavigationPageController.Peek() (PR)
  • [Core] Add TV to TargetIdiom (PR)
  • [Core] Added RootPage to NavigationPage (PR)
  • [Core] Align iOS, Android, Windows handling of tap gesture event bubbling (PR)
  • [Core] Fix internal children clear logic (PR)
  • [Core] fix NIE in Span (PR)
  • [Core] ITextElement and TextElement (PR)
  • [Core] move the Font proxying into FontElement (PR)
  • [Core] Share BP across IFontElement implementors (PR)
  • [Core] Split Windows RuntimePlatform into UWP and WinRT (PR)
  • [Core] support more color format in ColorTypeConverter (PR)
  • [Core] Update RelativeLayout to make it respond to constraint changes (PR)
  • [Internal] Fix accessibility gallery (PR)
  • [iOS, Android] Throw InvalidOperationException when ViewCell View is null (PR)
  • [iOS] Dispose Entry and Editor properly and automate GC checks (PR)
  • [iOS] Dispose pickers properly and automate GC checks (PR)
  • [iOS] Expose row animation properties in ListViewRenderer (PR)
  • [iOS] Fix for nullreferenceexception in TabbedRenderer on iOS when it has are no children (yet) (PR)
  • [iOS] Fix obsolete constructor in ContextActionCell (PR)
  • [iOS] Inherit Transitioning Delegate from Child (ModalWrapper) (PR)
  • [iOS] TabbedRenderer / load icons from custom sources (from embedded svg for example) (PR)
  • [macOS] Adds Scrollbars to ListViews and ScrollViews (PR)
  • [macOS] Fixed Tab NSImage crash in TabbedPageRenderer (PR)
  • [Xaml] decorate markup and value providers to speed up inflating (PR)
  • [Xaml] empty service provider (PR)
  • [Xaml] no longer require a ServiceProvider for Trigger and PropertyCo… (PR)
  • [Xaml] Null compiled markup (PR)
  • [Xaml] Resource loading (PR)
  • [XamlC] compile ListStringTypeConverter (PR)
  • [XamlC] compiled TypeExtension (PR)
  • [XamlC] complete the Setter/Trigger fix (PR)
  • [XamlC] debug (PR)
  • [XamlC] Fix debugging tests (PR)
  • [XamlC] supports ‘using:’ xmlns declarations (PR)

Bug Fixes

  • 27194 – “Possible Memory Leak with ContextAction” (PR)
  • 27731 – “[Android] Action Bar can not be controlled reliably on MasterDetailPage” (PR)
  • 29247 – “iOS Device.OpenUri breaks with encoded params” (PR)
  • 30166 – “Problem with NavigationBar.BarBackgroundColor on Lollipop” (PR)
  • 31415 – “ListView Does Not Update After GC When Collection Uses Weak References” (PR)
  • 32206 – “ContextActions cause memory leak: Page is never destroyed” (PR)
  • 32847 – “Picker text is cleared after selecting an item, whether Picker, DatePicker, or TimePicker” (PR)
  • 32865 – “On MasterDetailPage trying to change Icon of Master page doesn’t work if another view is pushed and Image is renderer in blue” (PR)
  • 32956 – “Setting ListView.SelectedItem to null does not remove list item highlight when list item is tapped multiple times quickly” (PR)
  • 39407 – “Picker wrong SelectedIndex value” (PR)
  • 40139 – “Changing the Windows 10 System Theme Color causes ListView text to disappear.” (PR)
  • 40251 – “Cannot style Buttons natively using UIButton.Appearance” (PR)
  • 40906 – “CDATA ignored in XAML layout” (PR)
  • 41600 – “ListView.ScrollTo does not behave as per documentation on UWP” (PR)
  • 41619 – “After updating to lastest Xamarin for VS 2015, the UWP Slider Value binding no longer works” (PR)
  • 41778 – “Slider Inside ScrollView Will Open MasterDetailPage.Master” (PR)
  • 41900 – “UWP Map on navigated Page can’t change size.” (PR)
  • 41919 – “SearchBar crash because set FontFamily in UWP global FontFamily style” (PR)
  • 42000 – “Unable to use comma (”,") as decimal point" (PR)
  • 42084 – “Entry Bound to a Double Does Not Accept ‘,’ As Decimal Separator” (PR)
  • 42151 – “UWP Map VisibleRegion is calculated incorrectly” (PR)
  • 42678 – “[Android] System.ObjectDisposedException when tapping a toolbar button after switching tabs.” (PR)
  • 43007 – “Controls nested in StackLayout need to inherit IsEnabled property” (PR)
  • 43519 – “[UWP] MasterDetail page ArguementException when nested in a TabbedPage and returning from modal page” (PR)
  • 43527 – “Page title does not change when Title property is set in code or via binding to a ViewModel” (PR)
  • 43694 – “StaticResource does not work for x:String and OnPlatform” (PR)
  • 43783 – “Most Device Styles do not render correctly in Windows Phone 8.1 (RT) applications” (PR)
  • 43867 – “Numeric keyboard shows text / default keyboard when back button is hit” (PR)
  • 43941 – “Memory leak with ListView’s RecycleElement on iOS” (PR)
  • 44047 – “Memory leak when using SetBackButtonTitle on iOS” (PR)
  • 44096 – “Grid, StackLayout, and ContentView do not pass IsEnabled changes to their children on Android” (PR)
  • 44176 – “InputTransparent fails if BackgroundColor not explicitly set on Android” (PR)
  • 44213 – “Can’t bind to specific properties through OnPlatform” (PR)
  • 44216 – “No property, bindable property, or event found Wen using xamlc” (PR)
  • 44525 – “Xamarin.Forms Listview Row Height Does Not Adapt In iOS” (PR)
  • 44940 – “ScrollToAsync memory leak on UWP” (PR)
  • 44955 – “UWP: Setting Entry BackgroundColor via Behavior results in sticky unfocused background color” (PR)
  • 44980 – “ActivityIndicator disappears when scrolling” (PR)
  • 45027 – “App crashes when double tapping on ToolbarItem or MenuItem very quickly” (PR)
  • 45067 – “No way of cleanly dismissing soft keyboard in UWP” (PR)
  • 45284 – “Extra tab icons display in iOS when binding Title on TabbedPage” (PR)
  • 45179 – “Views in DataTemplate’s are being created without the template ever loading.” (PR)
  • 45277 – “On UWP, Entry with IsPassword = true does not allow selection of characters” (PR)
  • 45299 – “Using a custom TypeConverter causes a “Sequence contains more than one matching element” compile error” (PR)
  • 45678 – “Improperly adding two cells to a DataTemplate results in cryptic XamlC error” (PR)
  • 45874 – “Effect not attaching to ScrollView” (PR)
  • 45891 – “XamlParseException Cannot use OnIdiom with an inherited type.” (PR)
  • 45924 – “On UWP, SearchBar getting focus results in page scrolling unnecessarily” (PR)
  • 46458 – “Grid.IsEnabled property is not working” (PR)
  • 46601 – “MessagingCenter is static” (PR)
  • 46972 – “[Win] ListViews not respecting binding when a GRID is used in the data template”
  • 47701 – “Label inside ViewCell from ListView will clear if updated after await Task.Delay(anyNumber)” (PR)
  • 47923 – “Vectors don’t work in Images, and work badly in Buttons” (PR)
  • 48378 – “For builds on Mac, XamlC or Cecil incorrectly updates .mdb files for iOS apps, maybe only when the Xamarin.Build.Download package is also used” (PR)
  • 49384 – “NavigationPage.BarTextColorProperty not working with FormsApplicationActivity in API 21” (PR)
  • 50540 – “PullToRefresh causes crash when context action option is open” (PR)
  • 50584 – “[UWP] Setting ActivityIndicator.IsRunning=“false” shows the ActivityIndicator” (PR)
  • 50706 – “A picker in a grid in a viewcell in a tableview does not display the selected item (Windows only)”
  • 51236 – “[WinRT] Setting a MasterDetailPage’s IsPresented to false will not immediately update the layout to hide the Master on desktop” (PR)
  • 51652 – “Toggling the Header/Footer on a ListView Throws an NRE” (PR)
  • 51778 – “XamlC needs Portable .pdb support” (PR)
  • 51941 – “Add Highlighted/IsHighlighted property to Button of XF” (PR)
  • 52893 – “FileImageSource is improperly used” (PR)
  • 52266 – "Picker.Focus() does not work on Windows 8.1 and UWP (Windows Desktop) Breaking Behavior Change; see PR" (PR)
  • 52318 – “OnAppearing/Disappearing triggers for all pages in navigationstack backgrounding/foregrounding app” (PR)
  • 52466 – “[UWP Desktop Mode] MasterBehavior Default value doesn’t work for MasterDetailPage” (PR)
  • 52507 – “UI Rendering routine is too slow, here is a fix to make it instant.” (PR)
  • 52962 – “iOS ListView PullToRefresh not showing activity indicator” (PR)
  • 53113 – “Xamarin.Forms.Map crash on UWP” (PR)
  • 53215 – “Master Details Hamburger Menu Icon not displayed on UWP since V2.3.2.127” (PR)
  • 53224 – “CanExecute not used in ViewCells in UWP” (PR)
  • 53275 – “IProvideValueTarget TargetProperty always null” (PR)
  • 53417 – “Clearing Effects collection results in NullReferenceException” (PR)
  • 53427 – “UWP EntryCell Label Not Correct Color” (PR)
  • 53503 – “Inconsitent behaviour of xaml x:TypeArguments when using nested generic arguments” (PR)
  • 53515 – “F#: Loading images from files causes a null reference exception” (PR)
  • 53803 – “Issue where using FormsApplicationActivity crashes on latest nightlies after PR631.” (PR)
  • 54146 – “List view memory leak when using Recycle Element Caching Strategy” (PR)
  • 54153 – “Displaying UIImagePickerController fails to show camera feed” (PR)


  • [Internal] Normalize Obsolete attributes (PR)
  • [Internal] VSTS support (PR)
  • [Internal] Implicit impl of controller ifaces (PR)
  • [Internal] Add internal XF.Registrar.RegisterAll b/c previewer needs it (PR)
  • [Internal] Remove InternalsVisibleTo from Core to XF.Platforms.**** (PR)
  • [Internal] Add EditorBrowsableAttribute to public classes/interfaces in XF.Internals (PR)
  • [Internal] Robust doc change detection (PR)
  • [Internal] IEditorController (PR)
  • [Internal] [Win] Make WinRT/UWP platform classes more maintainable (PR)
  • [Internal] Checkout docs using unix line endings (PR)
  • [Internal] Force git to checkout docs using unix line endings (PR)
  • [Internal] Update ListProxyTest.WeakToWeak so it works in Release mode (PR)
  • [UITests] Add Xamarin.Forms.Core.UITests.Shared (PR)

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Embeddinator-4000 0.2

On June 16th, we released Embeddinator-4000 version 0.2. This is a tool that allows your existing .NET Code (C#, F# and others) to be consumed from other programming languages and in various different environments.

This means that if you have a .NET library that you want to use from your existing iOS app, you can do that. Or if you want to link it with a native C++ library, you can also do that. Or consume .NET code from Java.

For more information, please see the release notes here.

Beta Release: 15.3 Preview 2

We are releasing the second preview of our next major release, called 15.3. This release includes our next preview of Visual Studio for Mac.

Note that this Beta version is a smaller release compared to the current Alpha preview. In particular, it does not include the Xamarin Live Player, Docker, Azure Functions, or Xamarin IoT preview features announced at Build. Please stay on the Alpha channel if you wish to continue to preview those features.

Update for June 26: This release is now available as part of the June 26th – version 15.3.0 Preview 3 update for Visual Studio 2017 Preview as well as in the Xamarin updater channels.

As this is a Beta build, there are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found during testing. Of course, additional bug reports are still welcome for these preview versions. If you see any suspicious behavior that you wish to report, please file a quick bug.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

Products Released

Installing the Beta and switching back to Stable

You can install this new Beta version or switch back to the current Stable version by changing updater channels.

Upcoming Release Dates

Preview 1 – May 11th, 2017

Preview 2 – This Release

Stable Release: 15.2.3 Xamarin.VS Servicing Release

We are releasing a service release for Xamarin.VS as part of our current major release, called 15.2, into the Beta and Stable channels.

This release is now available in the Xamarin updater channels and as part of the June 9th – version 15.2 (26430.13) update for Visual Studio 2017.

If you notice an error in this blog post or have trouble downloading one of the installer packages, please let us know in the corresponding forum thread.

Products Released

Known Issues

There are some known issues and the possibility of new issues being found. Additional bug reports are still welcome for this stable version. If you see any suspicious behavior that you wish to report, please file a quick bug.

Please check out the product release notes to see all the fixes and known issues for this release.

  • [Xamarin.VS] – In some environments, iOS and Android template projects are absent from the new project dialog, and trying to load a Xamarin.iOS project results in an error
    • This problem seems to be limited to certain existing Visual Studio environments. The issue might not affect any standard user installation scenarios. Any user who sees this issue, please feel free to submit a quick bug report with your environment details as a way to help tally the number of affected scenarios.


You can get this latest version by checking for updates on the Stable and Beta updater channels.

Upcoming Release Dates

Stable – May 10th 2017

Stable 2 – May 23rd 2017

Stable 3 – May 26th 2017

Stable 4 – This Release!

Common issues in the Xamarin 15.2.2 release being tracked by the Xamarin team

In case it might be useful for reference, here is an update on the previous list of commonly seen issues from the Xamarin 15.2 release. Many of those issues are now resolved in the Xamarin 15.2.2 release.  This updated list gives the latest statuses and workarounds for a few remaining issues from the Xamarin 15.2 release and the Xamarin 15.2.2 release, with a focus on bug reports that have several subscribed users.

  • Bug 56787 [Xamarin.VisualStudio, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android] “Could not load file or assembly ‘Mono.Posix, Version=, …'” in some cases when attempting to start debugging with breakpoints set. This happens because the Mono.Posix.dll file is missing from the Xamarin.VisualStudio installer.
    • Temporary workaround:
      1. Download the missing Mono.Posix file and unzip the archive.
      2. Right-click the Mono.Posix.dll file in Explorer and select Properties.
      3. Check the Digital Signatures tab to ensure the file shows a valid Xamarin Inc. signature.
      4. At the bottom of the General tab, if an Unblock checkbox appears, enable it and select OK. (This checkbox appears depending on how the file was downloaded.)
      5. For Visual Studio 2017, copy the Mono.Posix.dll file into the “Xamarin.VisualStudio” extension directory. For example, for a default installation of the Enterprise edition, copy the file into:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Xamarin.VisualStudio
      6. For Visual Studio 2015, copy the file into the “Xamarin\Xamarin” extension directory:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Xamarin\Xamarin\
      7. Quit and restart Visual Studio.
    • If these steps to do not resolve the issue in your environment, please see the bug report for information about enabling “Fusion logging” (assembly binding logging) and submitting a new bug report for further investigation.
  • Bug 56893 and Bug 56808 [Xamarin.VisualStudio, Xamarin.iOS] Breakpoints are non-functional  and exception call stacks show user code as “External Code” in certain scenarios when debugging on iOS devices and simulators with the linker enabled.
    • Possible temporary workaround: Change the DebugType to portable to more closely match the build behavior of Visual Studio for Mac.
      1. Open each project .csproj file in a text editor. For example, right-click each project in the Solution Explorer and select Unload Project, and then right-click it again and select Edit.
      2. Under the PropertyGroup for the “Debug|AnyCPU” configuration, set:
      3. Save the changes and reload the projects.
      4. Clean the solution and manually delete the “bin” and “obj” folders to remove any left-over .mdb debugger symbol files.
      5. If any of the projects use async partial methods, install the Microsoft.Net.Compilers  pre-release version 2.3.0-beta1 NuGet package (or higher) into all of the projects (to fix Roslyn issue 17934).
  • Bug 56246 [Mono, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac] Tracking bug for upstream Roslyn issue 17934: “error MSB6006: “csc.exe” exited with code 1″ due to KeyNotFoundException when compiling projects that include async partial methods.
    • Possible temporary workaround: Install the Microsoft.Net.Compilers  pre-release version 2.3.0-beta1 NuGet package (or higher) into all of the projects to get the pre-release Roslyn C# compiler that includes the fix.
    • Alternate temporary workaround: Switch back to mcs and xbuild.
      1. Add the following PropertyGroup element to the bottom of the .csproj file for your app project just before the closing </Project> tag:
        <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(OS)' == 'Unix' ">
      2. Disable Visual Studio > Preferences > Build > Build with MSBuild instead of xbuild. (This setting is also available in Xamarin Studio 6.3. It is disabled by default in Xamarin Studio, but some users might have enabled it by hand in the past.)
      3. Close and reopen the solution to ensure the new setting is used.
      4. Clean and rebuild the project.
    • developercommunity 63718 [Xamarin.VisualStudio] In certain environments, Visual Studio crashes often due to an unhandled exception in a Zeroconf method called by Xamarin.VisualStudio.ZeroConf.MacDiscoveryService.

Alpha Release: Xamarin Workbooks & Inspector 1.3.0-alpha2

Xamarin Workbooks and Inspector 1.3.0 Alpha 2 introduces a few small features and bug fixes over the previous 1.3.0 Alpha 1 release. Please see for more information. You can also see the latest builds in all channels at

Products Released