Beta Release: Cycle 5 – Service Release 1

We have been hard at work on our first Service Release to address known and newly found issues with our most recent Stable products (internally referred to as Cycle 5 – Service Release 1).

We plan on doing some more internal testing of these builds, but would love for as many people as possible to grab the Beta builds and help us give them a run through.

Make sure to check out the release notes below before updating to get an idea of what has changed. Previously released builds are also available for installation if the beta builds do not meet your current needs (see guide here for how to do that). These older builds are noted within the respective product forum threads linked below.

If you happen to still be encountering any issues we believed to be fixed, are seeing new and errant behavior, or are otherwise having problems with products from this release, please be sure to post to the related product threads on our Forums. Our Support team uses these release threads, and will be communicating through them to help triage issues and supply in progress builds not yet in preview channels that may contain additional fixes.

Products Released


Preview: Xamarin Profiler 0.15

Xamarin Profiler preview 0.15 is now available for download! This new release includes a couple of new features, plus a number of bug fixes, which have been covered in the release notes.

Please note that the Mac app bundle has been renamed (from to “Xamarin”), so the old version needs to be removed before installing this new update, so that Xamarin Studio prompts the user for the new location.

Products Released

As with all our preview releases, this is not a product we officially support. If you encounter any issues, we recommend filing a bug in Bugzilla. You can also jump into the discussions on the forum thread posted below.

Welcome to the Xamarin Release Blog

Welcome to our Release Blog! In an effort to improve our communications about current and upcoming releases, and to have a single collection of all relevant release info, we’ve created this blog, which will have post each time we put out a new Xamarin Platform release.

For this inaugural post, we want to give a bit of background on how we plan our releases, and cover some terminology you may be seeing in future blog posts and forum threads.

Internally, we roadmap ourselves against major product bundles for the Xamarin Platform we refer to as Cycles. These are collections of new features and bugfixes that are developed, branched, and tested together with the goal of releasing everything to the Stable channel at the same time, according to our internal schedules. Our most recent Stable release was the 5th such iteration, thus we referred to it internally as Cycle 5.

These major Cycles are planned to be released many months apart, so in between we do smaller releases that contain only bugfixes, which we call Service Releases. We are currently in the process of finishing development on Cycle 5’s first service release (internally referred to as C5SR1). You should see a blog post in the coming days with release candidates for C5SR1 being pushed to the Beta channel.